A few months ago we decided it was time to grow our team. Not just for the sake of growth, we love to be a small team, but because we felt we were needing at least one more craftsman to be able to face new challenges.

As we have been working remotely for the last 2 years, we posted in We Work Remotely and we got (happily) overwhelmed with more than 100 emails and resumes. One of those emails was from Artur Chruszcz. We try to avoid "first impressions", but I have to say his nicely crafted HTML resume caught our attention in the first place.

Artur is a 23 year old, full-stack developer from Gdansk, Poland who now lives in Barcelona. He has been doing Ruby on Rails for 2 years and he had already experienced the dream of most remote workers: to travel around the world while working in what we love. He spent 9 months working remotely from Poland, India, Brazil and Germany.


Then Artur decided to move to Spain where he settled in Barcelona and got a normal "in office" job. He was missing the freedom of being "location independent" and not having to commute everyday, so he decided to look for a remote work again.

We think Artur is a perfect fit for Diacode: he's a very talented full stack developer who loves Ruby, and he shares the same values we have work life balance, personal freedom, work responsibility and lean development.

Artur also has a long experience doing consultancy work, so he's used to collaborate with different kind of clients in agile environments, which is exactly the kind of work we do.

On the personal side, Artur was brazilian jiu jitsu polish national medalist and he now practices Ashtanga Yoga. We're looking forward to meeting him in person and learn a couple of "tricks" from him.

Finally having Artur onboard helps us to complete the transition we started a couple of years ago from being a Spanish speaking company to an English one. Now we have clients from all over the world, we communicate with them in English and we also communicate internally in English.

You can follow Artur on Github!