Why remote ?

Working remote is liberating. You no longer have to live in the city where your office is, no more long, boring commutes, there are no set hours like 9 to 5. Instead, you choose where you work from (you just need an internet connection), so you can live in your favourite city, or different city each month, from the house, from coworking space or from the beach. You can work at the times that is the best for you - you like working in early mornings, cool, me too, but not everybody does, which is also cool, because they work when they feel they are more productive. You like or need to work in intervals, like morning and then evening, and have afternoon free for surfing (or going to the dentist) ? Cool, you can do that too. Of course all those things require commitment and some skills to organize, but it is not even so hard, and the tradeoffs are stunning.

I am not only a hacker. I love computers as long as they enhance our day-to-day expierience, but not when they take away our real, social interactions. You need to live, go out, run, surf, cook, talk with people and have fun. Through doing stuff you like offline, you revitalize your time online, you have more energy and have better ideas. It's a win-win situation.

Welcome to India

Remote work enables me to pursue my passion for yoga and eastern philosophy, for which every year I go to India for about 3-4 months. India may not be the most civilized country yet, but for working from your computer, its just awesome. First of all - it's cheap, depending on location, it can be super cheap, or just cheap. You can work from the beach, from the jungle, from Himalayas or from the big city (Bangalore is called "Silicon Valley of India").


 Get yourself settled

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities, but one thing to remember is to check if in desired place has an internet coverage (preferable 3G connection). In the most popular places like Kovalam beach, Goa and cities there is no problem with that. To make sure that you can do video-calls with your colleagues, ask in local store what company offers the best coverage for your area. Also, when travelling between places you may need a different simcard for each place - this is because of coverage and also if you travel between different states (like going from Kerala to Goa) they will charge you roaming plan if the card is not from there. Price depends on the company, but it ranges from 1300-1600 rps (20 - 25 eur) for 12GB-15GB of 3G connection and unlimited data after that. Be prepared! You need copy of your passport, visa copy and passport-size photo when you apply for simcard here, activation takes 1-2 days (unless you are very unlucky and they don't accept your photo, then you need to apply again and it takes more time, true story)

Besides the internet you probably also need a place to stay. I try to stay in most places for at least 1 month to 2 months, by doing so you can get better price for a nice accommodation. If you don't know prices in the area that you are going, book on the internet a room just for 1-2 nights, to go around and ask about prices and quality of different places, and negotiate ! (you will pay much less then through any booking app) You can find very cheap studios for around 150euros a month, but from 300-400euros you can find very good places, with kitchen, washing machine, all western amenities and a cleaning lady every day, your choice, I chose the second option.

Food is cheap, if you have a kitchen, you can buy fruits, vegetables and rice, and cook for yourself and you will cut down spendings a bit. Most of the restaurants are affordable too, I mean, you can find expensive beach-front restaurants, where you pay around 15 euros for dinner for two people, but that's usually not the case. Try and test little local restaurants. Indian food for most people is mind-blowing, delicious, and veeery cheap. Expect to pay around 5 euros for dinner for two people and both of you will eat a lot! Remember, don't leave before trying those: set dosa, masala dosa, idly, puttu and thali.

To travel inside India you have options for all price range. Let's say you want to get from Kochi to Goa. Expensive options is to take a plane, it will cost you around 100 eur. Otherwise you can take a bus (quite uncomfortable) for around 15 euros, train will be the cheapest option (around 5euros). Of course all those prices depend on the distance, but you get the idea. If you move a lot inside the place that you are (ie. you live in the city), rent a scooter, you should pay around 40-50 euros for whole month with gas. If you don't commute to often you can always take a cab or rickshaw, which charges around 0,3eur/km.

There is bunch of cool stuff to see and do here. Ask in local travel agencies or your host what you can see around and how to get there. I have not seen all, but if you need a beachinfo or where to do yoga, just ask me in the comments.


Do it!

Organizing yourself a place to work remotely is easy. You just need an internet connection to be able to work, which with cheaper and better mobile data plans means that you can work almost from anywhere. It's up to you where you want to be at the moment. I like to go to India for winter, to do yoga and enjoy the weather. Ricardo lives in Asturias, because there he can catch one of the best waves in Spain. Javier works from Madrid, where he can engage in startup scene. Everyone has its own personal reason to stay where they stay, but working remotely we can choose where we really want to be, not where we are obligated to be.