After upgrading one of our apps from ruby 1.9.3 to ruby 2.1.1 we found a weird problem. Some of the URLs in the app were throwing errors like this one:

could not find a temporary directory
/usr/local/rubies/2.1.1/lib/ruby/2.1.0/tmpdir.rb:34:in `tmpdir'

If we check out the source code for that method we see this:

def Dir::tmpdir
  if $SAFE > 0
    tmp = @@systmpdir
    tmp = nil
    for dir in [ENV['TMPDIR'], ENV['TMP'], ENV['TEMP'], @@systmpdir, '/tmp', '.']
      next if !dir
      dir = File.expand_path(dir)
      if stat = File.stat(dir) and and stat.writable? and (!stat.world_writable? or stat.sticky?)
        tmp = dir
      end rescue nil
    raise ArgumentError, "could not find a temporary directory" if !tmp

The interesting bit here is this condition: stat.sticky?. That condition wasn't present in Ruby 1.9.3.

This means that our temporary directory needs to have the sticky bit. To check if your /tmp folder has that sticky bit you can do:

$ ls -l /
drwxrwxrwt   9 root     root      4096 Jun 26 11:35 tmp

If you don't see that t at the end of the permissions column, that means you need to add the sticky bit. You can do that with:

chmod o+t /tmp

Hope this saves you some time!