Diacode was founded by José M. Gilgado and myself in the summer of 2010. During these 6 years Diacode has gone through different stages, evolving from two friends working on my flat in 2010 to a remote team of five developers working for clients all over the world.

The latest stage of Diacode begun 3 years ago when Victor Viruete came back to the company as partner and CTO. The goal we had back then was to offer premium Ruby on Rails consultancy services for international clients while working remotely and keeping the best work-life balance possible.

We took a flight to San Francisco without any idea of what we would find there and without knowing anyone. It was an amazing experience and, after a lot of hustling, we managed to get things off the ground and found our first American clients. Not everything was bells and whistles, we also had to deal with some tough situations, but we managed to survive and thrive.

Having more work than what we could handle we slowly grew our team from 2 to 5 people. First to get on board was Ricardo Garcia, who for more than 3 years has been pushing our skills to the next level, helping the whole team to learn new technologies like React or Elixir.

Two years ago, Bruno Bayón and Artur Chruszcz joined us.

Artur was our first non Spanish speaking member so we decided to switch all our communications to English, which turned out to be an amazing decision. He spent some time traveling through India while working with us and the experience was great both for him and for us. That was a very strong signal that the full remote company vision was absolutely possible.

Bruno was the first developer without previous Ruby experience, so we had to train him from scratch, but he was such a fast learner that in a few weeks he was already committing code. As a company who has never hired a designer, having someone with the Design and UX experience that Bruno has was a very good choice. It's such a pleasure to code when you have proper mockups!

In 2015 we had our first team retreat in Asturias, Spain. We decided to spend time together learning to surf and coding for a week. To understand what it means to work on something you love with an amazing team, while keeping your work-life balance, you just have to look at our smiles in the video of our retreat:

Why we are taking a break

In terms of business, last year we got ourselves (thanks to Ricardo and Victor) into the Elixir land, and that turned out to be the right move – technically and financially. However after 6 years doing consultancy, we realized it's time to take a break and pursue new challenges.

Consultancy work it's an amazing way to learn from many different people and business domains. Getting paid to help other people solve their problems while learning it's a very fulfilling experience. However, despite of what technology you're using to do the job, or how different are the projects, the experience itself it's always similar.

As a CEO/Project Manager, to me, this experience meant a lot of multi tasking between all our projects and clients. At some point I realized that, to grow up professionally, I needed to reduce the number of things I'm working on so that I can improve the quality of my work, achieving better results.

We also understood we already know the basics of the consultancy business, so it's something we could do again any time. That's why we see this as a break, and not as the end of Diacode.

Three years ago, the landscape of remote jobs with decent work-life balance was radically different. Back then we were basically creating for us something that didn't exist or that was very hard to find. Fortunately, nowadays, the scenario is much better and there are way more remote opportunities for developers like us.

For the last month we have been focusing on helping our clients find the right people to solve their needs from now on, and helping our team find the right next challenges for them. I'm happy to say that we have succeed in both tasks.

Finally, we want to thank you everyone who has been supporting us during this last stage of Diacode. To our families, friends, loved ones, and clients – thank you.

Stay tuned for more Diacode in the future!