Back in 2005 I became interested in web development. Before I had started programming but all I knew by that time were basic concepts that I couldn’t use beyond C and a terminal. It wasn’t that bad, but we already were in the world wide web era and I felt enormous curiosity to put into practice my skills in this area. In those times I was about 20 and pretty much of the music available in my iPod was spanish hip-hop so why not building a website about it? That’s how VersosPerfectos was born: a website intended to gather lyrics from spanish rap authors. Eventually it became one of the top three hip-hop websites in Spain after getting new sections like record labels, events, news or release dates.

Versos Perfectos home screenshot

The project became something special for me, not only because it was where I started to learn web development but because thanks to it I met Javi. Years later we’ll end up working together at Diacode.

VersosPerfectos started as a static website and along its four versions happened to be a PHP project to end up being a Rails 3.2 one which is where it’s stuck right now. It isn’t our best work much less as it has been like a side project in which the 100% of our time was dedicated to implement new features with no margin for writing tests, refactors or carrying out other good practices every project deserves.

Unfortunately right now our occupations prevent us from dedicating time to develop all the new features Alberto —the guy who takes on the website these days— requests. That’s why we thought it’d be interesting to share the code of the project in GitHub and open the development to the community so that anyone could learn more about it and collaborate.

How to collaborate

We would like to focus on developing new features being requested in GitHub issues under the label feature request but any improvement the project could get will be welcome.

At the beginning Javi and me will be responsible of validating each of the pull requests the project receives however if anyone is interested in sharing this responsibility with us he can drop us an email to

You can fork VersosPerfectos from GitHub.